Tsurugi Bashi Kendo Kai

Open days

Auditorium, Homerton College

7:00pm - 9:00pm

British Kendo Association Application Form

Tsurugi Bashi Kendo Kai Application Form

At least once a year we hold an open day, free to anyone who is interested:

See this past leaflet for an example.

If you attend one of our open days, you will see all the weapons and equipment used in kendo and you will witness both shinai-based free sparring and formal kata practice. You may just watch or, at your option, even try your hand at it. If you wish to try kendo, come in loose sport clothes (e.g. a tracksuit rather than tight jeans) and please clip your toenails. Practice is barefoot. We will lend you all the necessar equipment for the day.

Note that such open days tend to be very popular. You may leave early if you wish but please arrive punctually as doors will close shortly thereafter to avoid disruption.

If after this, you intend to join the dojo, pick up the application forms.